Mitchelton Rotary Club celebrated its 50thyear serving the community and abroad in 2017, a milestone that has allowed the club an opportunity to reflect on major ongoing projects that continue to provide service above self and continue driving the club. 
Recently reaching the 20thCitizenship Ceremony, we would like to share some insight into the project and how all aspects of community come together to welcome our newest citizens.
Our club began hosting the ceremony at the local Mitchelton Senior Citizens club.
Project planning commences in September each year with many administrative tasks such as, applications to host, complying with Federal Government guidelines for hosting, invitations, collating gift bags full of all things Australian-pencils, flags, tim tams, erasers, koala key rings, Australian condiments and an Australian Native plant donated by Brisbane City Council, along with the behind-the-scenes chaos that comes with all events. 
In 2010 the Club witnessed community growth in Mitchelton, along with a rise in the number of conferees, meaning Mitchelton Rotary had to step up to continue providing the best service to our newest community members. During this period then co-ordinator Don Biffin still our longest running MC doing a magnificent job over the years with diverse cultures coming together, his pronunciation of names has been impeccable.) Don reached out to the local Arana Leagues Club seeking support to host the Ceremony at their venue,
Arana Leagues Club has as a community service, from that day continued to provide at no cost the Ceremony room hire, morning tea and hot and cold beverages for all conferees and guests every year, we now have the capacity to welcome 40 conferees with the option to have up to four guests each.    
Ralph Davies, our clubs current President and 7-year veteran of coordinating the Citizenship Ceremony attends the annual planning meeting in Brisbane, while witnessing many changes over the years nothing prepared us for the global pandemic, throughout this period we were able to continue with the ceremony adhering to health guidelines, guest restrictions and again Arana Leagues going above and beyond to provide individually wrapped morning tea.
There was still a bright light shining and comes with the name of The Brisbane Jubilee Choir. The amazing tones of the choir have supported our club for over 4 years and the choir beginspracticing in early November, throughout the pandemic our Citizenship Ceremony was the only performance they were able to attend, we have thoroughly enjoyed the relationship with the choir and look forward to it each year. 
Another recent change this year has been a sad goodbye to our long running Presiding Officer, MP Tim Mander who has spoken highly of the event for many years, we welcome our new Presiding Officer Councillor Andrew Wines who will take over the reins and continue to perform the duties with the ceremony remaining on the 26th of January each year.