The project site is located on the Ramu Highway, about two-thirds of the way between Lae and Madang, in Madang Province, in Papua New Guinea.
This project aims to bring water from the Gaiko Spring via a gravity-fed pipe and tank system to 48 community taps for 3,000 residents of Sausi, in Wards 11 and 12, the elementary school, primary school and Evangelical Brotherhood Church (EBC) facilities, establish a water supply committee, provide a ten-day training repeated, at least, annually by the EBC Health Clinic, and upgrade handwashing and toileting facilities where needed. 
Rotary was made aware of the need for an upgraded water supply in Sausi in 2015, through previous 9600 District Governor George Grant. In October 2017 Mr Osivo Ombuano, the Secretary of the Goroka Rotary Club investigated the proposed water supply system.
A subsequent site visit in February 2019 by Wes Nichols from Toowong Rotary Club, Ian Cameron from Mitchelton Rotary Club, with Osivo Ombuano and John Onga from Goroka Rotary Club, and Banmu Olivi from EBC proved the feasibility and sustainability of the project. 
The feasibility, design and costing of the project was completed in early 2020, with the budget for the project being $US 76,827.00. The project was funded by Rotary International and Rotary Clubs and Districts in Papua New Guinea, Australia and the USA, with Final Funding received in June 2021.
Mitchelton Rotary Club was a major contributor to the Sausi WASH project.
WASH Training is planned for August 2021, with construction to be completed by volunteer labour by the villagers in September and October 2021.
One of the current low elevation water supply sources which cannot supply 3,000 persons
Typical house in Sausi, PNG
School building in Sausi which will be connected to the new water supply system