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During the flood crises of recent years, many people came forward to assist their neighbours who had been adversely affected.

Without the support of the “mud-army”, many members of our community would have been far worse off but …. we don’t have to wait for another disaster!

By joining Mitchelton Rotary Club, you can help those in our community who require assistance now!

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What’s New?

July 1st 2018

President for 2018-19 Dean Parham



Coming Events 2018

Last year, Mitchelton Rotary celebrated
50 Years!
1967 – 2017

Annual Umoja Fundraising Dinner

Date TBA

Supporting Umoja Orphanage Kenya

Guest Speaker Cathy Booth…Founder

Tickets available soon

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Arana Leagues Club
247 Dawson Parade Arana Hills Qld

For more information, please contact

The Rotary Club of Mitchelton

on Phone: 0418 785662

or email:


…the other side of the coin:

Report from Rebecca Crilly, Rotary Youth Exchange student to Japan, sponsored by the Mitchelton Rotary Club.
Below is part of the latest report from Rebecca.

‘One day after Japanese lessons I went with my friend and her host family to the lantern festival! This is the part of the beginning of the bigger festival, Hyakumangoku festival.

With 1500 painted lanterns it was like in the movie `Tangled` in real life (minus the ones floating around in the air) It looked like a lot of time and effort went into painting them with such interesting designs and was lovely to see them gracefully drifting down the river at night. It only rained a little, causing some trouble for the keener photographers standing on stones in the river with their tripods carefully positioned. Due to the number of people, we couldn’t really see much, but we were able to hear the various traditional performances, such as taiko drums, singing, and chanting.

The Hyakumangoku festival pays tribute to Toshiie Maeda, the first lord and his accomplishments. At night on the second day of the festival there is a reenactment of his entry into Kanazawa castle. Before that, during the day the parade showcases the procession of people dressed up in traditional clothing (including samurai, princess and warrior costumes) and an actor in the role of Toshiie Maeda. There are also various traditional performance troupes to really enhance the atmosphere. ‘

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Happenings at the Mitchelton Rotary Club

Meetings are held on the 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of each month at the Arana Leagues Club, Dawson Parade Keperra commencing at 6pm for a 6.15pm start.

Meetings normally last to around 7.30pm. The club invites a guest speaker once a month to present a topic of interest to members.
Members and guests are invited to join for a meal in the dining room after each meeting for further fellowship.

Meetings are undertaken in a light-hearted manner with considerable emphasis on fun and good humour.

Through a series of club committees, Mitchelton Rotarians undertake a wide range of projects within the local community and internationally. (See Club Activities)


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Our Members Say:

All Rotary club members have something in common, that is: We take action and as community volunteers, we reach out to neighbors in need. Our action is expressed in building, supporting, and organizing aid. We help to save lives and we work both locally and internationally.